Transplant On Hold: The Plan

Yesterday, we spent the day at the infusion center at Kaiser so Bob could get some red blood cells to perk him up a bit. (Part of The Plan.)

Last night, Bob had a CT scan of his lung to follow up on chest x-ray results from Friday that had raised concerns for his doctor at Stanford. (Part of The modified on Friday Plan.)

This morning, before God was up, we headed to Stanford’s Ambulatory Surgery Center for Bob to have his IV catheter placed in his chest/neck area and his PICC line removed. (Part of The Plan.)

While Bob was in recovery, we each got calls from his oncologist at Kaiser and his oncologist at Stanford letting us know the transplant had been postponed. His doctor at Stanford is concerned that if they don’t shrink the tumor above his lung prior to the transplant there will be an increased risk of pneumonia – not ideal for a person who will have zero immune system. Rather deadly. I’m not a fan of deadly. Kind of counter-productive. (Not part of The Plan.)

The two options are chemo or radiation to shrink the tumor. Dr. W has chosen radiation. This will have the benefit of not knocking Bob’s immune system down like chemo, which should speed things along, I hope. We’re meeting with the radiation oncologist first thing in the morning for the treatment plan, so we’ll know more then. (Part of The New Plan.)

Our hope is that it will shrink the tumor quickly so we can get the transplant back on schedule as soon as possible, and so Bob can get some immediate relief from the increased swelling and discomfort the tumor is causing. (Part of The New Plan.)

Plus, Stanford has free wifi. (Part of me liking Cheap Geeky Things to help pass the time during The Plan/Not The Plan/The New Plan.)