Plan B

With the transplant on hold, but the cancer not, we needed a Plan B. Stat.

We got up before the kids, before my dad, and before the dogs, to head down to Hayward to meet with the radiation oncologist. Bob got his first tattoos (to be used to align the lasers during radiation). Based on how he complained about the pain, I’m guessing it will be a while before he gets a full sleeve.

After that appointment, we headed over to the infusion center to see if we could hook up with Dr. W. Normally, if we email him during the night, we hear back first thing in the morning, but not today. This made us think he wasn’t in today, and we were right. The whole office was at a meeting, save one nurse, when we arrived. Thankfully, Nurse J took pity on us when he saw how bad Bob looked.

When the other nurses got back from their meeting, Nurse P took over. She put me in a spare chemo chair and told me to take a nap while we waited for Dr. D. She even brought me a warm blanket.

 IV Catheter on a DummyNurse P hooked Bob up to oxygen to get his sat rates up, changed the dressing on his new catheter and flushed the lines (so I wouldn’t have to). And, we were able to meet with Dr. D who prescribed some oral chemo. Dr. D was also able to get the radiation started tomorrow instead of us having to wait until Monday.

Stanford may have mahogany walls, but our Kaiser nurses and doctors do an excellent job of taking care of my husband (and me).

So, we’re on to Plan B: Two weeks of radiation (5 days/week) starting tomorrow (weekends off). Four days of oral chemo starting today. Hopefully that will do the trick to get him back on track for the transplant.