Surprise For Bob


THE FUCK CANCER POSTER for Bob’s Hospital Room

We’re creating a poster that will hang in Bob’s hospital room to inspire him. It will be a collage of all the magical Internet people who keep us going, pray for us, support us through laughter, love, and kindness…and dick jokes, let’s be honest. We also want to let cancer know it’s not welcome ‘round here no more.

Here’s the deal, and we have to move quickly, kids.

If you want to participate: we need a picture of you taken with a digital camera (no iPhone/Blackerry/cameraphone/photobooth shots) with you flipping off the camera – that’s your middle finger, giving cancer the big FU. The picture should be of your bust/head area (no full-body shots).

Also: The person doing the project is going to be cropping your photos down to a square aspect ratio, so feel free to take them in either landscape or portrait orientation. Also: hotshot photogs: feel free to size your files down – she doesn’t really need raw format. The final size of each of these, depending on how many she gets, will likely be around 3”x3” or 4”x4”.

Then email her your photo – marleymeowmeow at Please put ‘fuckcancer’ in the subject line.

Deadline: WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 24. Midnight Pacific time.

Now GO.

Let’s go Fuck Some Cancer!!!