More Blessed Than Thankful

Last November we'd just found out my husband's cancer was back after a remission of just a few months. Back with a vengeance. Back like it started. We thought this second time through would be harder, but not impossible. We spent Thanksgiving with his parents. Our last Thanksgiving.

I am blessed to have this photo from that day.

My family has been blessed by the support of amazing friends and family members. Unreal generosity and love that continues to this day.

I am blessed with a home for myself and my children, the freedom to show them the world through travel, and the ability to pay forward the generosity bestowed upon us in our time of need.

I am blessed to have had an amazing, loving relationship for over two decades, and been given two beautiful children to remind me every day of that gift.

Even with all of these blessings, there are tears pouring out of my eyes and snot running less-than-attractively down my face right now. I just really fucking miss him, and he's never coming back.