Happy Halloween: We Do It Our Way

We’ve always been a little unique in our costume choices. My favorite year was the one where my son dressed as a box. Yes, a box. He designed a candy chute in the front out of a wrapping paper tube. Other than that, he was a box with legs. People would stick the candy in the chute, it would get wedged in there, his sister would use her fairy wand to shove it the rest of the way into the tube where it would fall into the bag attached at the other end.

As we walked along the streets of Downtown Halloween that year, a mother and son walked behind us, her son dressed in some complicated costume she’d obviously been charged with making. “You see that,” she asked her son, “that’s what you’re going as next year!”


Peanut the pirate, keeping it traditional, as she usually does. Someone in this family has to.

Bug was a little late in deciding on a theme for this year. He tried for mercenary, but ended up wearing his “BP Cares” t-shirt, donning a sword and shield, and offering to stay home to hand out candy to the two trick-or-treaters we got for the early part of the evening. Then, he managed to score some candy with Peanut and another friend in a later-in-the-evening haul through the ‘hood. Unfortunately, there is no photo of the BP Cares Mercenary get-up as we never really decided if it was an actual costume or just a stellar rouse that scored him some candy.

I handled the usually unusual costume front as Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction. It’s not easy being Mia, mostly because of the amount of glue required to get the syringe to stick to one’s chest. The bloody nose was the easy part.