A New Look For A New Chapter: Black Is The New Black

Peanut has been wanting to paint her room black for, well, forever. And because I’m all about letting my kids do crazy shit like EXPRESS THEMSELVES (Oh. My. God.) in creative and safe ways like dying their hair and painting their walls, we set to work getting rid of the cotton-candy pink that no longer fit my maturing 12-year-old:


Peanut rolled.

cutting in

I cut in.

And then she ditched me to go watch Monday Night Football. The Hell? So, I kept rolling and brushing and before I knew it, I couldn’t see shit because OMG, it’s was really dark in there.

But, we fixed that.

windowWhite window coverings to reflect some light.

chair A turquoise blue chair from my grandmother to give our pets a place to snooze. Mirrors to make her small room feel a little bigger and reflect more light.


More of those butterflies, a symbol of rebirth and and a reminder of the butterfly we found the day of Daddy’s funeral. (The shadow from her chandelier is kind of cool, too.)


Oh, there’s that emo kid. I think she kind of likes what we’ve done with the place, so far. It’s a work-in-progress, just like us. More furniture to paint and bring back into the space, but overall, it’s an all new room for a new chapter in our lives.