Getting Close To Go-Time

Bob sent me to Half Moon Bay with my girlfriends for my 40th birthday. For his, we booked a private suite a Chez Kaiser for a round of inpatient chemo to hold him over until the stem cell transplant.

I let him have the big bed. I took the chofa bed (chair+sofa+bed). We loaded Zoolander and Anchorman into the DVD player, hosted some fabulous guests, discovered there is a Peet's AND a Starbuck's onsite at Kaiser Santa Clara, and rather enjoyed our stay. Well, aside from the whole cancer thing.

We came home in the wee hours on Bob's actual 40th, showered, spooned, and slept in. My mom and the kids had whipped up a tasty cheesecake AND my mom had cleaned and organized the garage as a birthday surprise. She also orchestrated a gift for him to take to the hospital that's a box filled with notes and pictures from the family that he can open after the transplant to help cheer him up.

It looks like the transplant will be happening in about 4-6 weeks, although we don't have a set date/calendar yet or the confirmed donor. So, that could change. But we know it will have to be soon.