I Need to Rob a Bank

Why? Because the Ruche Fall Lookbook came out and there’s slobber all over my
laptop. Big sticky, gooey piles of slobber.


Since I don’t have Dooce’s pickle jar of washing machine savings, nor the $40,000
monthly blog income that bellhop in Chicago thought I was pulling in, my only
option is a bank. Or maybe not.


Do banks even have money anymore? I should probably ask Bug. He’s the only
one around here who seems to keep up with that stuff.

Maybe I could just go on a clothing strike. I could refuse to wear any
clothing until Ruche sends
me an outfit from their Fall Lookbook. No, that’s bullying. I’m not a bully.
Plus, I don’t want to frighten the small children in Target with my waggly ass


Oh, well. Back to drooling. And saving my pennies. Oops. Almost typed
“pennies” as “penis” and that would have been AWKWARD because I don’t even have
a penis and if I did, why would I need to save it, and from whom would it need

I do lurv me some Ruche, though. I wore a bunch of their stuff to BlogHer this year and got lots o’ compliments. This Daisy Lemonade Cotton Skirt was my most favorite thing.


Although, this Oatmeal and Honey Flutter Cardigan still gets worn with just
about everything. 


(I even bought the necklace, which I wear with plain white t-shirts and jeans, fancy dresses, you name it. It's always a big hit.)

But seriously, I cannot do them justice in a review. Their
website is just as beautiful as their clothing – full of vintage whimsy, modern
twists, and hand-picked touches that will make you want to be the Bonny to my

P.S. We only need to knock over a small bank, because honestly, their prices aren't even ridiculous. In fact, most of their clothing and accessories are downright affordable. I do wish they carried some larger sizes, though. As a size 10, I ordered their Large and it was just right. That's going to exclude a lot of women who would enjoy their clothes.