Humor 101 for Trolls

Types of humor sarcasm, exageration, embelishment.

Slapstick doesn't work well in blogging. 

Humor blogs employ other devices. 

A blogger might write: "As we walk into camp, I tousle his hair and say, 'Bug, I’m glad you learned to tie your shoes. Now I know you’ll be able to move out of the house, go to college, and teach your kid to tie his shoes some day. Plus, it’s about fucking time.'"

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If you're the Troll in Ripon who spent over four hours logged onto my site yesterday, and thinks I'm a crappy mom, you're entitled to your opinion about the amount of time you perceive it takes me to compose a post. (You'll have to trust me when I say that even my papers in grad school rarely took more than a few hours write once the research was done, and we didn't have Google and shit back then.) I'm entitled to delete your opinion if you continue to waste my space. It's my blog. Get your own.