Counting Down to Awesome

City of Chicago

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Lots of important stuff happening in the coming weeks. Peanut will be turning 11, which will be celebrated with a sleepover with her friend and a Broadway musical with the family. I will be turning 40, which will be celebrated with a surprise weekend that Hubs is planning for me because he’s apparently got nothing better to do ‘cept love me lots. Hubs will be finishing up chemo, which will be celebrated with a mutha flippin’ blowout! And, I will be heading off to BlogHer ‘09 in Chicago, which will be celebrated with late night lobby chats, lots of laughter, making new friends and mah girlz.

This is a recipe for good times. Well, maybe not the final cycles of chemo, but certainly the FINAL CYCLE of chemo, which should come at the end of July. This coming Friday will be Round 4. After this one, Dr. W will order the PET scan that will tell us just how much cancer booty the chemo’s been kicking.