The Pain

Migraine is not just a Headache

Image by Migraine Chick via Flickr

I don’t remember when I got my first migraine because I didn’t know that’s what it was called. I thought it was a headache. I thought all headaches started out on one side of your head, knives of pain shoved under the edges of your skull, into your eye socket, your sinuses. Waves of nausea. Nerves on fire.

When I have a migraine, I have sensorial super powers. I have supersonic hearing, see a light on through 3 closed doors, smell a cracker crumb on the floor.

My hands and feet become ice cold, while my head becomes an inferno. My tongue feels thick. I crave a vice grip for my head and an ice helmet to cool the inferno of pain.

Over the 25+ years I’ve had migraine headaches, I’ve tried many treatment options: acupuncture, diet, preventative medications, abortive medications, massage, meditation, rocking back-and-forth in a dark room while crying in pain. Some have worked, others haven’t. Currently, I use a combination of things. That’s not really the point. I’m not searching for the magic answer. Just marveling at the phenomenon of the human body, I guess.