Couch Surfing for Love

I did not time my cold right, at all. Bug went home with my parents last Sunday just as I started coming down with a cold and just as Hubs’ white blood cell counts began their cyclical chemo-induced descent that peaks between 10-14 days after chemo is administered.

I had big plans for Bug’s time at my parents. I was going to do that dreaded task of getting into your kid’s bedroom, into the deep dark corners, where you cull out the remnants of coldPokémon half-chewed by the dog, LEGO pieces separated from their brethren, and furry balls that may or may not be viable life forms.

Instead, I spent the week prone, on the couch, with the world’s awesomest new superhero waiting on me – Chemo Boy. He doesn’t wear a cape, but he does sport a Green Bay Packers beanie cap that is quite fetching.

I also sported a variety of surgical masks, which I’ve taken to drying pig noses upon using scented markers. Hey, if I can’t sleep in the bed, at least I can have something watermelon-scented to keep me company. Right?

It’s sexy too. You have no idea. Hawt, I tell you.

So, as my cold lingers in its half-assed state, Hubs’ counts continue to drop until he gets his Neupogen shots Monday and Tuesday. These are the shots that jump start your bone marrow into cranking up production. It also makes your bones ache like a mofo. Total suckage on that level, but a big thrill for the immune system to get a jump start.

And for me, a huge bonus. I may be back in my Tempur-pedic love nest by Tuesday night. I am about done surfing on this sofa. It’s nice and all, but it’s damn difficult to get inspired to shower and get dressed when you’re living on the couch. It’s just a step away from living in a van down by the river, ya know?

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