Chemo Boy Update

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I really need one of you artsy fartsy types to draw me a Chemo Boy superhero. Dad? Bro? Unicorns? Come on. Something with a cape and a bald head would be nice.

Anyhoo. This week was Hubs’ chemo-induced low point for blood counts and immune system, which means Neupogen shots. He’s opposed to me coming at him with a needle for some odd reason, so he goes to the injection center to get it done. He’s liking the side effects of Neupogen shots less with each round. Since they kick your bone marrow into production mode, it’s like having all-over growing pains, but he seems to be able to manage the pain with acetaminophen. So, it’s either not too bad, or he has balls of steel.

He’s been wanting to take some flowers to the nurses as a thank you for sticking needles in him on a regular basis, so I picked up an orchid for him to take with him when he went in for this round of injections. Unfortunately, chemo brain has fully set in, and he managed to forget the 3-foot tall plant that I’d placed next to the front door, not once, but twice. Thankfully, it’s a plant. It should still be alive when we go in for his next chemo cycle in June.

Prior to Tuesday’s Neupogen shot, Hubs also got the requisite blood work done. His sedimentation rate (sed. rate) has come up a tad, but still looks good, and everything else is in the normal range. His LDH has come down even further, and is now 112, I believe.

Aside from a serious case of chemo brain, some tingly fingers, and a sexy bald head, he’s continuing to kick cancer’s ass.

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