Happy Towel Day

Towel with the words "Don't Panic" o...

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Or Memorial Day. We celebrated both with a little bit of everything, all of it rather low-key.

There was some family time, celebrating Hubs’ brother’s big racing win, which he dedicated to Hubs.

Peanut did some baking, a tasty loaf of banana bread, and Hubs continued to perfect his skills in the kitchen with more delicious dinners. Chemo may have stopped him from doing the manly chores, but he has become quite the chef, especially since he can’t eat restaurant food.

The weather finally cooled off enough that I got to do a little gardening. The front yard is beginning to look more intentional than haphazard. I’m loving how the xeriscape section has taken shape. The sage and lavender smell delicious.

We didn’t see much of Bug this weekend. He was outside playing with his neighborhood friend every chance he got. If he had to come in for lunch or dinner, his friend would ride his bike around until Bug was done. I so clearly remember those days from my own childhood.

Peanut got together with a friend from her former school, and then went to a BBQ/birthday party for another friend from that same group. She’s a full head taller than so many of the girls now, but doesn’t seem to mind a bit. In fact, I think she rather likes it.

I wrapped up Towel Day by soaking my aching gardening back in the tub, and then drying off with a nice fluffy towel. Seemed the best way to end Towel Day.