Considering Our Options: Yo Mah Wiggahs

You really have not lived until you've perused the world of artificial hair for men. Even if you limit yourself to just the artificial hair intended for their head, it's a world materials I guarantee you had not considered, looks that will leave you shaking your own head, and descriptions that will make you go WTF?

Since some chemo drugs target the cells that divide rapidly (like skin and hair cells), you get to be a bald mo' fo' while they're killing the good and the bad. If you aren't comfy flying commando nugget, you can get a rug for your nugg. We've done a little exploring for Hubs, even though his chosen to stick with the hats, we just had to share some of our better finds with y'all.

Without further adieu, I give you Wigs for Men:


MonkGiantHermitWig RicoSuave



If you find a superior product, and I'm sure you will, do pass it along to me in the comments. There's no need to hog these fine products to yourself.

Also, for the caregiver with a cold, I highly recommend this surgical mask:


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