Chemo Calendars and Golf

ChemoCalendar April is not the month to go looking for a smart-ass wall calendar for your husband to use for recording his projected chemo cycles. (We use google calendar for keeping track of our family's scheduling, but he wants something old school to provide that visual motivation.) Even Office Max was a bust. I couldn't even find some ugly-ass cat calendar at Walmart. Nothing. Nada.

After three hours and one slightly pink In-n-Out double-double, I settled for a DIY calendar from Target where you fill in the months and dates. The up side is that it's made by Real Simple. So, it's all about the anal organizing, and comes with color-coded movable stickies to use for keeping track of your activities. Red seems like the obvious choice for chemo days, but I'm letting Hubs make the call on that one.

While I spent this afternoon deciding how many months to fill in on the DIY Chemo Calendar (Do you fill in more because you're optimistic he'll be done and wanting to use the calendar for other events long after he's done, or do you fill in fewer in hopes he's done sooner, or will that be too depressing if he has to add months if he's not done in the number of months you've filled in?), anyway...while I was having this existential calendar completing crisis, Hubs was out playing golf. Eighteen holes.

Is he amazing or what?

I felt like I had a kid leaving for his first day of school. Do you have sunscreen? Where's your hat? Do you have water? Have you eaten? What about anti-bacterial wipes? For your clubs? What about for your hands? Are you driving? Do you have your phone? Did you go potty? Do you need a wipe?

God help the man, if chemo wasn't going to make his hair fall out, I would. Speaking of, it's starting to go, finally. We have a lovely array of hats lined up thanks to some creative friends and family. We have the "I'm making cancer my bitch" hat from T of SendChocolate. Love that woman. We also have a stunning purple turban, courtesy of my SIL. I've also started perusing the Interwebs lovely offerings, including a rubber crewcut, a mullet hat, and something that looks like a cross between a muppet and a troll. Mostly, I'm just jealous that I'm stuck shaving my legs all summer.

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