How Are The Kids?

Bug in BugWe may run things a little differently than most around here. It might not work for every family or every child to do it the way we do it, but it works for us.

Our kids like to be kept informed. They like to know what’s going on. So, we do this really weird thing.

We tell them.

We don’t make it overly scary, exceedingly technical, nor do we dumb it down. We meet them where they are and answer their questions.

They know what we know about Hubs’ cancer.

Kaua'i 2008They know what kind of cancer/lymphoma it is, the tests he’s had and will have, the chemo regimen he’ll begin Friday and some of the side effects to be expected.

This evening, while I was making dinner, Bug came out to the kitchen and asked me what the names of the chemicals are that will be used in Hubs’ chemo regimen. I sent him off to ask Hubs, and by the time I called them to dinner, they were immersed in researching each one and it’s effects.

Peanut likes information, too, but she also likes lots of time for snuggling and hugs. I wouldn’t say she’s clingy, but she certainly prefers sticking close to home these days. She’s also added some self-imposed structure to her days, which I think is helping her find her calm in the storm.

And, they both loved the bubble wrap extravaganza. I’m guessing it’s a memory they’ll be explaining in therapy for years to come.