How We Roll: Bubble-Wrap Therapy

Last week, in the midst of lab results, doctor appointments, fits of sobbing in random parking lots about town, I was getting text messages from my tribe of friends.

J: “What do you need?”

Me: “Don Julio, a roll down a grassy hill wrapped in bubble wrap, and dancing like fools with my girls.”

J: “Ok.”

IMG_7400 IMG_0035

Some people cope with talk therapy. It certainly has its place.

IMG_7399 IMG_7383

Others find solace in meditation.

IMG_7387 IMG_7403

There are those who find a good workout at the gym soothes their body and soul.

IMG_7407 IMG_7411

I prefer bubble wrap.

And grassy knolls.

And friends.

And family.

We never even got to the Don Julio. Bubble wrap is magical like that.