Surreal Snippets From My Day

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  • “So, you were a social person in school? You had a friends?” Upon me telling my new shrink that I was a rather outgoing, overachiever in high school. Apparently, my confession of my currently crippling depression did not put forth a social persona. But damn it, I have friends. Let me show you them. Later.
  • Two hours spent in a Headache Class. Learning about headaches. On purpose. In order to have fewer headaches. Surprisingly, I learned a couple things. I’ll tell you about it sometime.
  • Sitting next to a table of women discussing their male loved one’s chemo treatments and prognosis as I awaited the arrival of Hubs at the hospital for his PET scan.
  • Getting an email from our attorney about our son’s case just as we’ve received Hubs’ cancer diagnosis. The last thing on our minds, yet so very important to our family. Trying to figure out where to fit it in between oncology appointments and chemo.
  • Snuggling up in bed next to my radioactive husband as I type this. Our day ending, and my wish is now that this cancer be only stage 2, when 2 weeks ago my wish was that it wouldn’t be cancer at all.