Comments are Curative: The Village Voice


Image by coyenator via Flickr

As usual, my readers have been able to say what I was trying to say, but with fewer words and greater clarity. Hey, I said I was a writer, not a great writer.

That’s the beauty of the village. So, if my last post left you wondering what the hell I was talking about, what my point was, or why I appeared to be attempting to enforce Marshall law on the blogosphere, skip what I wrote and just read the comments. Read them all, because every person added something of value—those who agreed, disagreed, or saw things in a slightly different light.

You were all great at helping me clarify what I was trying to say, and rethink the way I said it. Again, the kickass thing about blogging.

When you write for print, you miss out on the conversation about what you’ve written. Personally, I need that dialogue.

If you were one of the people wondering what this specific incident was about, that story has been told by the subject. It was her story to tell. Not mine.


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