CalifmomReviews: Dirty Sue Martini Mix

I love a good vodka martini, especially one with bleu cheese olives. Yum. Yum.

But, I don't always enjoy stealing the olive juice from my beloved jar of olives in order to make the tasty martini. See, the thing that makes a dirty martini 'dirty' is the olive juice.

Enter Dirty Sue. No, she's not some tart from your spin class. (Notice, I said your spin class, not my spin class. I have a personal goal to never be able to say my spin class.) Dirty Sue is basically a bottle of olive juice. For reals.

The nice folks at Dirty Sue read about my love of dirty martinis and sent me some to try. I sent one bottle home with my friend, and kept one for us to try.

In a nutshell, pretty tasty. I love the idea, but think that when Hubs mixed mine, he may have been a tad heavy-handed with Dirty Sue. She's a strong, salty broad. Just a splash of her goodness would be perfect. Next time, I'll have him stick to one of the recipes from the Dirty Sue recipe collection rather than venture out on his own cocktail shaking quest. I may even get adventurous and try a Hot & Dirty Sue, which involves a little Tabasco sauce and some jalapeño-stuffed olives. With some shrimp fajitas. Oh, yeah!

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