20 Questions: What Is My Favorite Sound?

I’m starting a little meme of my own. Participate or not. I’m not sure it matters. I’m a blogger, for Christ’s sake. I’m happy to hear myself type; see my words out in the world. It is my mental-masturbation, if you will.

Here’s the deal. You ask me a yes/no question about my favorite sound in the comments section. I’ll answer. First person to guess the right answer wins a prize. I’ll figure out something fabulous. I’m sure I have some schwag around here that you’d love to have.

Come on readers. Ask me a question.

Keep in mind, it’s a sound. So, those animal, vegetable, and mineral questions will need a little tweaking to make this work.

I’ll throw in a freebie to get you started.

Does it come from a vegetable? No.

P.S. If you decide to run this meme on your own blog/facebook/myspace/lunch sack, let me know. I want to find out what your favorite sound is, too.

P.P.S. I was totally going to add a picture to this post, but Zemanta bases their photos on keywords. So, you can just imagine the options I was given with ‘masturbation’ in the first paragraph. I’ll spare you the visuals. I trust that while you may not have mastered the comments function on my blog, you have mastered surfing for porn.