I Am A Writer

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When I was meeting with my new doctor last week, I was asked to state my occupation.

I paused.

A long pause.

Which occupation? Do you have room for a list? Do you mean an occupation that would sustain me financially were I not so fortunate as to have a husband who is the major breadwinner in our family?

In my head, I gave the Occupation Wheel a spin. This time, it landed on Homemaker. (Shh...don't tell anyone about the house cleaner.)

The time before that, it landed on Educator. (Hey, we homeschool. It counts.)

And, the time before that, it landed smack dab on the one that is the most difficult for me to say in a confident tone--Writer.

Why is that the hardest one to say? For me, it boils down to having to explain what I write and where I write.

I do not write books.

I do not write print media.

Since most of the asking about my career is done by people at least my age, but often older, this means that explaining is required, and I'm not always in the mood to explain. My former career as a Radiology Information Systems Project Manager was easier to explain. Honestly.

The problem with me copping out of telling people that I'm a writer, that it is my profession, that it's what I'm paid to do (however minimal that pay may be), is that I discredit the value of my work AND the work of my fellow writers. Because that's what we bloggers are...writers.

We write. Some write well. Some write really well. Some of us try to write well, and fall short. But damn it all, we keep writing.

So, for all the mainstream journalists who think bloggers don't deserve the same consideration as your perceived peer group? BZZZZZT! Wrong answer. Our work is ours, not yours. You need to give credit where it is due. Give credit to the bloggers, the authors, the WRITERS.

If you feel the same, join the crusade started by Don Mills Diva, carried on by Mr. Lady of Whiskey in My Sippy Cup, and joined by yours truly: