OMG Bacon Cupcakes

I made two (yes, two) visits to Heavenly Cupcake while in San Diego. The first day, T and I ordered four cupcakes to go. I got a red velvet for me and a s'mores for Hubs. T got a dark chocolate for her and an orange chip for her hubby.

This morning, rather than eat a typical breakfast, my feet took matters into their own hands? feet? toes? soles? and carried my butt back to Heavenly Cupcake where I ordered some of their organic coffee and a carrot cupcake. Oh, the yummy.

They even serve shots of frosting. Should you feel the need.

All this cupcakey-ness got me thinking.

What about bacon cupcakes?

And then, I was led to this recipe. Can you think of anything more divine?

Vanilla Garlic: Maple Bacon Cupcakes with Maple Frosting.

I cannot.

Must bake some.

Must eat some.