I'll Tumble For You

In an effort to keep my ADD as far out of check as possible, I've added another blogging platform to my set. I use Typepad for Califmom, CalifmomHomeschools, and CalifmomReviews. I use Twitter for my inane ramblings, potty-mouth rants, and sit-down comedy. But, lo. I had nothing for that in-between space. Nothing for my over-140-characters-yet-not-quite-a-full-blown-blog-post ramblings. Oh, where was I to turn?


That's where.

Tumblr fills that space between microblogging and blogging. Most of the themes don't include a comment function, the interface supports quick uploads of every media format imaginable (photos, links, video, chats, text, quotes...), and it's a sleek, uncluttered space. Unlike my mind.

For those of you who'd like to find out what it's like to live inside my online-brain, I give you my new space on Tumblr, Pocket Contents, where I dump the snippets and lint that collect as I surf through my days. It's not cohesive, it doesn't flow, and it will probably change in appearace at least a twenty more times before I settle on a theme I like.

Enter at your own risk.