PSA: 5th International Scientific Symposium Tourette Syndrome

5th International Scientific Symposium Tourette Syndrome

Who is the target audience?

• Basic scientists

• Physicians (general medicine)

• Pediatricians

• Family Practice

• Neurologists

• Psychiatrists

• Internists

• Psychologists

• Nurse Practitioners

• Mental Health Therapists

• School Psychologists

• School Nurses

• Social Workers

• Clinical investigators

From the Tourette Syndrome Association (my favorite organization for TS):

Symposium Description

As part of its mission to identify current research advances,
disseminate them among the scientific and medical communities, and
establish networks of basic and clinical scientists, the Tourette
Syndrome Association Inc.(TSA) is proud to sponsor the 5th International Scientific and Clinical Symposium on Tourette Syndrome.
As with the four previous symposia convened by the TSA, this meeting
will provide a forum for updating current research findings for both
basic scientists and clinical researchers as well as allied medical

Since the last Symposium convened in
2004, significant advances have been made in understanding the basic
underpinnings of Tourette Syndrome (TS) as well as in the application
of new and refined approaches to clinical care. The biological and
medical literature on Tourette syndrome has grown exponentially.
Because TS research depends on findings from many research disciplines,
information flow and communication across disciplines are vital for the
continued efficient and effective study and treatment of this disorder.
This Symposium will serve as a highly effective venue for such
cross-disciplinary communication. The program includes an expert
faculty that will present on genetics, neuroimaging, neuropathology,
clinical trials (medication and non-medication), epidemiology,
neurophysiology, neuroimmunology and descriptive/diagnostic clinical
science. The Symposium will set the agenda for future TS research
efforts and improved clinical care.