Bye, Bye Mr. Lumpy

Scalpel with bl;age attachedImage via Wikipedia

Today's the day that Mr. Lumpy gets the boot from mah bewb, or the scalpel, as the case may be. I'm not exactly sure what my typing skills will be like initially following the Big Cut. So, I'm popping in to say hello before I head to the surgical center.

I'm gladly accepting all prayers, happy dances, and pleasant thoughts. Since I'm doing this with a local rather than general anesthesia, I should be home in a non-loopy state quickly. However, I rather enjoy loopy states. So, I'm beginning to question my wisdom of selecting a local. Vicodin just isn't the same as those stellar IV painkillers.

Even more fun? I get to wear a sports bra afterwards. This means I will henceforth be known as Sporty Califmom.