Last week was supposed to be our family vacation to San Diego for Bug’s 13th birthday. He wanted to go to Legoland instead of having a party. Since that's where our timeshare is, we planned to make a weeklong trip of it, visit friends, go to the zoo, and enjoy the week together. We planned that before we knew what life had planned for us.

After much discussion, Bob and I decided that I would fly to San Diego with Bug rather than cancel his birthday trip. It was a last-minute decision. It was hard to leave Bob and Peanut behind. I wanted to clone myself. I wanted to be in two places at once.

birthday dude

Bug had an amazing week. He has been obsessed with kiwi birds for years. Only four zoos in the States have kiwi birds, San Diego being one of them. On our last visit, the kiwi bird was in hiding (they’re mostly nocturnal). When we were in D.C., we missed the kiwi bird there, too. Not so, on this trip. The kiwi bird was out and incredibly active. Bug was face to beak with the kiwi bird. It made his year.

excited much_ Kiwi Reflection

We were joined on our adventures by my friend, Tina, and her three children. Bug and Tina’s kids were immediate buddies. At the zoo, at Legoland, and hanging at our condo, they were like lifelong friends.

piggy  electric slide

But, Bob had a rough week. His kidneys were struggling to process the effects of the chemo. He ended up needing IV fluids 3 of the 5 days I was gone. At four hours each sitting, that’s a long haul, and Peanut had to be flexible, going to doctor’s appointments, helping her dad, getting shuffled to family member’s.

size doesn't matter

By the end of the week, I just wanted to be home. Then, the weather in San Francisco caused our flight to be delayed by 2 1/2 hours. Bob’s white blood cell count was down to .7, which meant that as soon as we walked through the door we had to hit the showers at 2am to get the airport germs off of us before heading to bed.

Saturday, I took Bob for another round of double Neupogen shots. Still, after this morning’s blood work, his white blood cell count is down to .2. (Normal is between 3-12.) Fortunately, his platelets have stopped dropping, so no blood transfusion today. And his body temperature is staying in the prescribed range, so no ER visits.


While it was important to Bob and to me to give Bug this special birthday, I’m glad to be home.