A Majestic Distraction

This morning was Bob’s bone marrow biopsy. I slept until the last possible moment, put on the most comfortable clothes I could find, my rain boots, and some waterproof mascara. His sister met us there. You know, the sister who met us there for every chemo treatment last time. The sister who’s already battled lymphoma, herself. We held each other’s hands while we tried to hold back the tears.

This morning sucked.

The biopsy hurt worse this time. He said he started sweating it hurt so bad. Evidently your bone marrow looks like raspberry syrup. Dr. W informed him that it does not, however, taste like raspberry syrup. Total rip off.

The biopsy wasn’t enough fun. So, I had my teeth cleaned. While I was in the lobby waiting for my turn in the chair, the World Most Saccharin-Sweet Couple were checking out.

I sat on my hands to avoid throat-punching them. You’ll be pleased to know I was successful in my restraint. I also succeeded in answering questions like, “So how are you today?” with the customary, “Oh, I’m fine thanks.” When what I really wanted to say was, “Me? Yeah, I’m pretty shitty. Thanks for asking. I spent this morning with my husband getting his ass bone drilled because they think his cancer’s back and he’s not even 40 years old. We may have to cancel my son’s 13th birthday and Christmas is pretty much hosed. I’m hoping it’s not the last one I have to spend with my husband. Oh, you didn’t really want to know how I am, did you? My bad.”

But, I didn’t say that. I just thought it. All day. But I didn’t say it. Do you hear me God? I resisted two throat-punches AND gave polite answers to inane small-talk. I know, good deeds don’t count for shit, but but but…

Anyway, by this afternoon, a change of scenery and pace was in order. So, the sky opened up and poured down rain. The winds blew. And I drove with Peanut to the edge of creation to a ranch that’s been in this valley for over 150 years. That’s not unusual where I grew up, but around here, it’s rare. And it was just what we needed. My Dr. Doolittle daughter and I needed to get out of town.


Peanut got to take a lesson on a horse named Majestic.


The sky stayed clear the entire time we were there.


I played fetch with a new friend.

On the Fence

And for a little while, the world became a very simple place.