I Need A Sponsor

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This sleep training sucks. It’s hard. I feel like I’m in a 12-step program without a sponsor.

I’m making some progress, like only using my bedroom for sleep (and sex, but that’s none of your beeswax). But, I’m failing miserably at getting up at the same time every day (within a 1-hour window). I’m also failing at getting out of bed and doing something else if I don’t fall asleep within 1/2 hour. (1/2 an hour? Seriously? That's like 5 minutes in my world. In the past week, I think my average number of hours it took me to fall asleep was 4. Average. Two nights it took 7.)

Meanwhile, I have writer’s block--super helpful given my new role writing for Examiner.com and my various other blogging ventures. I do have some fun sites y’all might enjoy during this lull.