It Lives, It Breathes...Mostly

I will never be accused of spinning all the plates in the air. One or two plates? Maybe. Never a full set of dishes. Certainly no cups and saucers.

Last week I had The Flu. I remained horizontal for many days, which is fine for computer related activities, I suppose. (It did enable me to finish Infinite Jest.) Not so great for the management of a family or a household.

Then there’s The Homeschooling (really hard to find a sub, I’ll have you know). Also, educating one's children is a bitch to do from the horizontal position. Bug and I were supposed to start our pie baking project (more on that later) last week. That didn’t happen. Peanut slacked on her science. (Thankfully, she’s miles ahead in all of her subjects, but still.)

Oh, and my writing took a colossal crap. Not just here, but also Here and Here and Here fell way behind. Seems I suck at coming up with meaningful content while my brain is soaking the NyQuil jacuzzi.

I missed Bob’s first post-cancer hare scramble where he kicked ASS! He got knocked down into a ravine and still came in 11th. Go Bob!


I’ve fallen a little behind on the hygiene, as well. I either need to wash my hair or change my name to Emo Philips.