The Bewb Whisperer

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The original plan had been to have my hysterectomy and breast lump removal done at the same time. It made sense. One hospital stay, one time under anesthesia, and one recovery period.

The Gods of Medical Insurance and Hospital Scheduling had other plans.

We found out in December that our insurance would be changing to Kaiser Permanente on January 1. After I regained my ability to breathe (Kaiser has a bit of a rep in these parts, and it ain't good), I worked with my surgeons to get the procedures bumped from January to December.

I was only able to get one of those procedures rescheduled--the hysterectomy.

Fast-forward to January, and the suckage that is working for a small company when it comes to benefits. In order to get everyone the best deal, they have to get as many employees as possible signed up. That took a while. In the meantime, I was freaking out about my bewb (and having an existential crisis of hormonal proportions).

We FINALLY got our insurance ID cards this weekend. I tried to enroll online that day at the Kaiser website. FAIL. I waited until yesterday, tried again and IT WORKED. Not only did it work, I booked my appointment with the Women's Center for the following day, was seen, referred to radiology for a new mammogram to be done the same afternoon (mine were over 3 months old, the preferred limit at Kaiser), and scheduled to be seen at the Breast Center (I love that bewbs get their own center) tomorrow.

Not only that, but the Mammo tech actually found the lump (not locatable on my last mammo, even though it's been palpable the entire time) and rushed my films through to make it to tomorrow's appointment in time.

Kaiser, you've knocked this one out of the park. Color me SUPRISED! Blown Away! Floored!

So far, I'm sold.