I recently learned about a new website for Literature, US History, and Poetry. It’s called Shmoop. Written mostly by Masters and PhD students and Stanford and UC Berkeley, the content is topnotch.

While my kids are on the younger end of the target audience, Bug was more than happy to check out the site and give me some feedback. Here’s what he had to say:

This is Bug, homeschooler extraordinaire. My mom asked me to review the website, Shmoop.

I chose to look at US History section, since that’s what I’m usually interested in, but they also have Poetry and Literature.

My favorite part of the website would be the “Why should I care?” feature. I chose to look at the California Gold Rush.

To embellish a little more, Shmoop’s site is broken into three categories, Literature, US History, and Poetry. Content is continuing to be added as the site is still in beta, but there’s plenty there to get you started.

For example, we used Shmoop on Martin Luther King Day to watch MLK’s full speech. (Something I’m ashamed to admit I’d never done.) It’s just that easy to integrate Shmoop into your day, whether you homeschool or not.

I could go on and on about the coolness of Shmoop, about it’s educational value, and ease of use. Seriously, check it out. It’ll make your book reports bounce, hold your hand while you take that history test, and make you sound smart at parties. Probably. I mean, you do have to be able to read and remember this stuff. Shmoop isn’t your mom!