BlogHer: What it's all about

I had a call from a friend today--a BlogHer friend. We met at last year’s BlogHer Conference (feels weird to call it a conference) in San Francisco.

Within the span of a weekend, I considered her to be a dear friend. She is part of my BlogHer posse, and I am part of hers. It’s not a clique so much as it is a group of amazing women who became close friends within hours of meeting IRL (in real life).

That’s what BlogHer is really about.

I decided to attend last year’s BlogHer rather late in the game, and decided to arrive a night early just hours before adding another night to my hotel reservation and shlepping my butt to the BART station.

I knew no one.

No. One.

Prior to BlogHer, I read quite a few bloggers, but my own readership was low. So, I knew I wouldn’t be having any “Oh, I read your blog!" moments.

I am shy.

I know, hard to believe. My friends are spitting shit on their keyboards right now. My shyness quickly departs once I feel I know you. Then, I transform into a table-dancing freak. Even without booze.

But that first night, as I wandered in and out of the welcome parties, awkwardly making my way through the tables of schwag, I started to meet a few people.

I met BlogHer women in the elevator who had a penchant for pushing all the buttons. Great comic relief when in an awkward social setting. I highly recommend it.


I met women in the bathroom who had some stage fright of their own going down.

The Bloggess Holding Court in the Pisser

And, I met the beginnings of my posse.

Geekmommy Sniffs the Sprout Bouquet

On the floor.

Outside the bathroom.

We added to our tribe during our late-night/early-morning lobby fests.

We never really stopped adding. BlogHer is cool like that. There are no boundaries to finding friends, unless you make them yourself.

What BlogHer isn’t?

  • a place to force your ideas on others

  • a place to market without creating relationships

  • a place to show up thinking you are better than anyone else

  • like any other conference

What BlogHer is?

  • a place to be yourself

  • a place where you are not alone in your shyness

  • a place to meet and make lifelong friends

  • a place to learn

  • a place to share

  • a conference like no other—a vacation!

Needless to say, I’m going back to BlogHer this year. It’s my beacon of light right now. The thing that keeps me from jumping off the bridge. I need that. A lot of us need that.

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