Patience, You Are Not Mine

Schematic drawing of female reproductive organ...Image via WikipediaToday is my 3-week post-op milestone. While I appreciate that my uterus cooperated nicely in hosting my 2 offspring, I was done with that babe. She's become unruly. We weren't getting along all that well. Most of our conversations involved me using a lot of profanity. So, I sent her packing, albeit via the least invasive hysterectomy possible, a DaVinci LSH (laparoscopic supracervical hysterectomy). This means that I kept EVERYTHING except my uterus, even my cervix.

At the 3-week mark, I can tell you that my 5 tiny abdominal incisions are healed, scabs have fallen off, and all that business. I have driven a bit. Sitting up is still uncomfortable, feeling like my guts just don't quite fit in there as neatly as they used to. I've been assured this is just due to residual swelling. I also have pains now and again, and just yesterday started having some kidney aches. Hopefully those will subside in the next day or so. If not, I'll have to give the doc a call.

There were some issues with getting one of my kidneys up and going again during the surgery after the stent on the ureter was removed. So, maybe there's a problem in that area. Sure hope not.

My energy is misleading. I'll feel great, take a short walk, and be ready for a 2 hour nap. I also have a lifting restriction still in place--nothing over 15 lbs. until six weeks post-op. Do you realize how many things weigh over 15 lbs.? I mean, I hate doing laundry, but saddling Hubs and the kids with it for 6 weeks almost makes me feel bad. It also means the dining room table is covered in Christmas decorations I have no real ability to put away by myself. I'm getting close to telling Hubs to just shove it all into the boxes and I'll sort it out next December.