Pentapulls: Eco Fun For Pooches

While Bug was at a class this afternoon, Peanut and I had some time to kill. We headed down the hill to Montclair Village for a snack. On our way back to the car, we stopped into Glamour Paws.

As you might guess from the name, Glamour Paws is a store of pooch-related goodies. Unlike most of the dog-themed boutiques I've been in, Glamour Paws had a down-to-Earth woman behind the counter and a number of reasonably priced dog accessories and toys.

Charlie in Da Hood

I refuse to put clothes on my dogs (unless I'm torturing them for a photo-op, duh). So, we opted for a pull toy.

My dogs are toy-destroyers. They will wrestle with each other for hours. (I think it's Sam's way of distracting Charlie from humping him.) We've yet to find anything other than industrial-strength rubber toys that can survive their antics.

Today's purchase may fit the bill. Pentapulls, as they're called, are made of:

4 layers of recycled 1680 denier nylon for super durability. "X" design on arms and legs forms an excellent toy for pulling, shaking, and general rough housing. 5 squeakers.



You can choose from a:   

  • cow
  • duck
  • squirrel
  • cat
  • raccoon
  • possum
  • hedgehog
  • skunk

Charlie Biscuit gets a new eco toyWe chose the duck ($16). Sam fell in love with it right away, but it took Charlie a bit to figure out how he wanted to pick it up. He's got it down now.