Sarah Palin Keeping You Up Nights?

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Image by svanes via Flickr

Thanks to Gwendomama, I may actually be able to sleep tonight. She posted about Cindy coming up with the brilliant idea to donate $5 to Planned honor of Sarah Palin. The kicker? A card is sent to Sarah Palin letting her know about the honorary donation made in her name.

Think of the joy you'll bring. I made my donation. Couldn't make it quickly enough, really.

This donation is on behalf of or in memory of:
Name: Sarah Palin
Send acknowledgements to:
Name: Sarah Palin
Address: 1235 S. Clark St.
1st Floor
Arlington, VA 22202
United States

Gwendomama suggested using the McCain/Palin campaign headquarters address (noted above), which I think is fabulous. Who knows when Palin will be able to swing back by Alaska to check the mail box.

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