Do You Know Your Meat?


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This idea that homeschooling occurs at home is as ludicrous as the idea that stay-at-home-moms spend all day at home.

With both Bug and Peanut homeschooling this year, our calendar is shaping up to be a nicely balanced mix of home time, social time, and activities for the kids. One of the new activities on the horizon is 4-H.

For the first time, Peanut, and possibly Bug, will be participating in 4-H. Yes, Mom and Dad. I said 4-H. You may get up off the floor when you feel a sufficient amount of oxygen has returned to your head. Mom, be sure to help Dad back into his chair. I know he's going to feel lightheaded for a while.

It's a lesser known fact that I did some time in 4-H. I'm not sure they let you stay in the state of Nevada if you don't. Being the firstborn child, I was also a bit of an overachiever. (Not to worry, I'm over my achieving problem.) I've won blue ribbons for my Record Book, raised a guide dog for the blind (not the brightest dog, but I tried), raised 3 market lambs, and even won a silver belt buckle in showmanship at the county fair. Not bad for an outsider, the spawn of city dwellers.

But, the oddest 4-H project I ever did, hands down, was Meat Identification.

In Meat I.D., like most 4-H projects, there's an element of friendly competition. The Meat I.D. competition consisted of naming the animal (beef, pork, lamb, variety meats), cut, and cooking method for each piece of meat.

Surprisingly, I did not become a vegetarian. They'll certainly kick you out of Nevada for that little "disorder." (Don't believe me? At my 20-year high school reunion, they considered the vegetarian attendees covered because the one-size-fits-all meal included prawns, in addition to steak.)

Fortunately, it looks like our local 4-H group isn't offering Meat I.D. Oh, darn.

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