Upside to Homeschooling: NOT Killing Each Other

I'll admit, one of my big fears about having both kids homeschooling this year was their tendency to be the Bickersons. I mean, they go to marital counseling together fairly regularly to work on their shit relationship. That's how much they bicker.

What's transpired so far, though, has been surprising. Since they are together for most of every day, they are forced to deal with each other. It doesn't mean every day is a smooth one, but it does mean that instead of being at each other every moment they're together, they have progressed to having more good times than bad.

Some days, they don't bicker AT ALL. There are whole days now where no one yells, Z-snaps, or growls (me included). Holy crap, this is a new phenomenon.

Most days now include some time with us all snuggled up together reading or watching a movie together.

There are enough hours spent with each other that disagreements get resolved, and the kids move on.

Yesterday, after a morning of totally losing their shit with each other, they didn't just get back to neutral, they were bestest buddies. When we got in the van to run errands, they sat NEXT TO EACH OTHER. On purpose.

When we got home, I checked in with to make there wasn't a cold front advancing into Hell.