Sensory Success

When you have an Aspie kid, you often have a kid with sensory issues (even Sensory Integration Disorder). By issues, I mean that getting dressed in the most mundane of clothing can be cause for a meltdown of mass proportions. Can't they just deal with it? I don't know. How well do you deal with your skin being on fire? How are you with ants crawling up and down your body? What's your threshold for daggers in the shins?

Yeah, that's about the same. For a kid with sensory difficulties, the seams in socks, tags in shirts, or texture of a fabric can be akin to those burning, crawling, stabbing sensations I just mentioned. Fortunately, Bug's sensory issues are mild by comparison to some, but he certainly has his hurdles. In some cases, like shoes or certain smells, he's hyper-sensitive. In other situations, like personal space, he's hypo-sensitive--meaning he bumps into things just to know where he is in the world, gives bear hugs that can maime frail relatives, and rarely cries when injured.

Last night was the first football practice where Bug needed to be in full equipment--helmet, jockstrap, mesh unders, football pants, knee pads, hip pads, thigh pads, tailbone pad, helmet, mouth guard, undershirt, practice jersey, socks, and cleats .

Hubs got the pads all set up in Bug's pants the night before, discussed the finer points of the jockstrap (pouch in the front, junk in the pouch), and had a dress rehearsal. Not only did Bug don his getup with little fuss, he kept it on until bedtime.


Last night at practice, his shoulder pads were pinching and giving him trouble. He insisted on taking them off. The coach asked him if he was going to quit. Bug's answer, "I don't quit anything I do." When Hubs picked him up, Bug told him about the coach's question and his own answer. "Dad, I just love it so much." You may recall that Bug didn't like the flag football camp I signed him up for (my choice, not his), because he wanted to run into stuff. Watch out world, he's comin' at ya.

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