Why I Love My Mother-in-Law

I realize I am unique in the love of a mother-in-law, but mine's pretty darn fabulous. I could list all the reasons, but think the birthday card she sent this year really sums it up. She knows me, and she still loves me.


The front of the card...would have been enough for me.


Then, the inside...it sings to my heart.

Sadly, I only had 1 glass of wine for my birthday. Note to my readers: a "white" pinot noir is still pink wine. Don't drink it. Even at $12/glass, it's still pink wine. If you're a new wine drinker, I'll permit you 6 months of pink-wine drinking, providing you do most of it at home. Then, I fully expect you to mosey your ass over to some whites, preferably NOT chardonnay. You may spend exactly 12 months as a White Wine Drinker. Then, mosey your ass one more time over to the reds. I don't care if you think you get a headache from red wine. You don't. What you do get a headache from is crappy wine. I promise you. The worst migraines I've ever had have come from crappy pink and white wines. If you're still anxious, get a sulfite free red, they're often organic to boot.