Near...And Far

It's time for this week's installment of Near and Far, brought to you by Me. If I get a sponsor or some cool stuff to give away to my Near and Far winners, I'll let you know. Until then, just bask in the Warhol-esque glory of your 15 minutes of fame. The only stipulation I'm putting on this is that you can only be featured once. So, last week's winners are out of the running this week (and future weeks). Without further ado, here are this weeks nearest and farthest readers:


This week's nearest reader is from a few cities away in Hayward, CA. Welcome reader from Hayward! Looks like you're another reader in need of a Firefox upgrade. Really, I cannot testify enough about the benefits of upgrading to Firefox 3. All of those memory hogging, crashing problems disappear. You'll love it. I promise.


This week's farthest reader came here all the way from T'ai-pei, Taiwan. Welcome new reader! It looks like you came here via Summer's post about Wall-E. We were both a bit dismayed by Disney's mixed-message: Comsumerism is evil, now buy our merchandise. One of my readers even led me to a related article by Devin Faraci titled, The Devin's Advocate:Is Wall-E Environmental or Hypocritical. While I enjoyed the movie, there's much to be explored in the message and the messenger.