Mama Needs A New Pair of Shoes


Specifically, I needed a new pair of rain boots. Mine bit the dust last winter. I discovered their need for replacement midway through hosing down the dog run. A wet, squishy sensation was my clue. Seems the toe had separated from the sole, and I was drenching my prescious tootsies in dog shit stew. Yum.

As I was perusing the internets, I came across these lovely wellies from Boden USA. I heart Boden for their fashion inspiration, but not so much for their prices. Some bargains are to be had if you watch for sales. But, these rain boots seemed reasonable from the get go. Boden also has pants and skirts in long lengths. Three cheers for new rain boots and no "floods."

(BTW, this is NOT a paid post. I don't do paid posts. If I'm schlepping something I got for free, I will totally fess up. I WISH Boden would give me free stuff. I do heart free. Plus, if they gave me free stuff, I would totally be telling you ALL ABOUT IT. With my own pictures.)

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