My BFF Is Blogging

Swing by and give my friend J some comment lovin'. She's brand new to blogging and even newer to doing it in public. When I told her we were taking her blog to the masses, she had to breathe into a paper bag. Don't let her panic attack fool you. She is anything but shy. Next year, her butt will be accompanying me to BlogHer. Oh, yeah, it will, even if I have to drag it back early from Hawaii.

I've known J for over 25 *cough* years, and have enjoyed many a drunken event with her, some even after we were of age. We've survived our own teen years, grew up (I think) and got married, brought lives into the world, had to let others go too soon, and we still manage to find the humor that keeps us plugging along.

So, head over to Rise Above It: A Journal for Mental Health and Wellness, and welcome J to the blogosphere!

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