Meeting Strangers

In April of 1996, I was in the first trimester of my first pregnancy. I was also on bed rest. I had unexplained bleeding and though they told me bed rest probably wouldn't help or hurt, I sat my ass down for 6 weeks and tried not to go insane.

Part of what helped me stay sane was signing up for an email group composed of women due in December of 1996. This was before the days of Baby Center or mommyblogging. With email address at the ready, I had signed up and instantly became connected with a group of women more diverse than I'd ever met in my life.

There were over 300 of us in those early months. All we had in common to bring us together was a month and a year. A truly random thread to connect our lives. Some of us were first-time mothers, others had grown children and were starting second families with new spouses. There were mothers of 5, mothers of special needs children, single mothers, Jewish mothers, feminists, conservatives.

We were a group of women who never would have met any other way.