Near and Far

Because I have the attention span of a gnat, this week's installment of Near and Far will look a little different. Instead of the usual mumbo jumbo, I'm going map-based this week. It's my way to make sure I don't get bored out of my fucking skull I'm "teaching" to a variety of learning styles.


This week's nearest reading, not surprisingly, comes from The City by The Bay, aka homebase to BlogHer '08. Welcome BlogHer buddies. Did I mention The Bloggess stopped by this week? Dooce, not so much. (If you need a link for Dooce, just Google her, I don't have time to type it in.) I don't think she liked my wires and mirrors tweet. BTW, I think she got confused between hobbit and troll. Trolls are icky, hobbits are endearing. I can also see where being compared to Jesus and Santa would be really demeaning. Bloggess, if you're reading this, feel free to compare me to any or all of the above, even a troll. I'll work through it. I take special medications that help, and I have a sense of humor (also helps).


This week's farthest reader comes, again, from the land down under. How's the vegimite, mates? BTW, thank for Flight of the Conchords. Oh, wait, that was New Zealand. Oh, well. You guys make some kind of beer, right? I don't drink beer. Oh, I know, you have Mel Gibson, or did you stop claiming him? Anyway, welcome again, my friends on the flip-side. You know, I kid. Love y'all and your adorable accents.