BlogHer08 Irony and Sleep Deprivation

I couldn't stand the thought of the party starting without me. So, Thursday afternoon, at 4pm, I called the Westin, begged for a room for the night, farmed out the kids, showered, packed, and raced to the BART station.


The biggest irony about BlogHer is the lack of time to blog. Well, the more disciplined manage, but I'm not exactly known for my "discipline."

The second thing about BlogHer: it's like the night before Christmas. Santa is going to come, and I am NOT FALLING ASLEEP JUST TO MISS SOMETHING! I got to bed just after the morning copy of USA Today had been delivered to my room. That means I'm working on 3.5 hours of sleep. Okay, let's be honest. It was 3 hours of sleep. And it wasn't because I was out partying all night. There are just so many cool people and so little time. I'm thinking this needs to be a 4-day conference next year to alleviate some of the go-go-go pressure.

With that, I'm back to hanging with the ladies, heading off to the evening's events, and hoping to get to bed BEFORE the sun comes up. Wish me luck. Wish you were here!

I'll apologize for my excessive use of exclamation points, but they are all well-deserved. So #suckit.