Near...And Far

This week's installment of Near and Far is brought to you by: My Toenails. They are so happy to be going to BlogHer '08, and I am thrilled to accompany them. Have I mentioned the BlogHer conference? Yes? Did I also mention that the BlogHer made a serious deal yesterday? No? I didn't? Well read about it, because it's pretty damn impressive. Way to go ladies. Shatter that glass ceiling! Break it the fuck down.


I have another winner of the Near category from Hayward, but it's not the same reader. So, welcome Hayward user of Internet Explorer 7.0. You also run NT, which tells me you might be a bit of a geek, but not a total geek. I mean, it's not like you're running Ubuntu. (If I can't get the Hubs to buy me a Mac, the least he needs to do is get rid of this damn Windows OS. I think I was meant to be a Linux girl.)


This weeks farthest reader is not from Asia. Amazing! Finally, my friends Down Under held their own and outdistanced their Northern neighbors. This week's farthest reader comes from Melbourne. We may share a language (and O/S and browser preference with the nearest reader, it seems), but we are many miles apart. Many, many miles.

Thanks for stopping by, and tune in next week for another round of Near and Far.