Sleep No Sleep


I'm not really enjoying this chronic insomnia (read: not sleeping at ALL during the night) followed by a series of ineffective naps during the day. I am the queen of sleep onset insomnia, was born with according to Mom, but this is exceeding even my usual wonkiness. Stress? Perhaps. Weird illness? Not looking like it. The blood work thus far is normal. I gave another vial this morning, just for fun. So, we'll see what that tells. I'm guessing, not much. As much as I don't want this to be a stress case. I'm guessing that the trials of this year are working their magic on my body. I'm looking forward to a peaceful summer with the family, nothing extravagent, just hanging out. I have a fantasy of renting a house on the beach, any beach, for a month, drinking things with tiny umbrellas and watching the kids and dogs frolic on the shore. In reality, I'll be sitting in the unlandscaped backyard, on the thrift-store-find chaise longe, watching the kids spalsh in the Easy Set pool. Similar, yet different.