On The Homefront


It's been a day of administrivia and healthcare. Peanut is off school today and tomorrow for parent/teacher conferences. Seems excessive, given that school's out in a matter of days. Doing such a late conference doesn't give time for implementing any changes, really. I guess it's meant to wrap up the year. Sadly, one of her favorite teachers will not be returning next year. I'm quite bummed, as well. L's new to teaching this year, but you can tell she's going to blossom into one of the great ones.

In other fun, I got to have a blood draw today to check my thyroid. Looking to see if that's the reason I feel like a giant slug. Monday, I get to have the fasting blood work done to check for diabetes. Woohoo! On the upside, the med tech who did the blood draw was so stealth I didn't even feel it -- Really! And, this new Dr.'s office actually has the ability to do blood draws on site. That's a novelty nowadays. It was also good given that the mere act of getting to my appointment took all my energy. The thought of having to drive to the lab afterward made me want to nap right there in the exam room.

Other fun from today included automating most of my facebook stuff so that it looks like I actually spend time there, when in fact, I don't. Thank the good Lord for widgets. They make me look 10 times more productive. Of course, they also remind the world I still need to return some Netflix movies I've had for 3 weeks, and that the only books I've read lately are of the Young Adult variety.

I've also been playing around with Sentry Parental Controls. The kids enjoy the ability to chat with me on my laptop while they're on the desktop computer, as well as receive my funny "warning messages" that pop up. I'm not sure if we'll go for the monthly subscription when the demo runs out. I still need to play around with the functionality some more.

The Wii Fit continues to be a hit. Right now, the Martin E. Lardeaux is being assessed. His Wii Fit age is 44.